Okay, this is one of my fire pits I built out of old Tennessee rock. It’s called the Tennessee dry stat medium, and what’s unique about this fire pit is that it has holes on the bottom.

What happens is that it gets air – it adds oxygen to your fire here – and they claim that [the fires] burn a lot better when you have the holes around. We did arches and we did the cap, which is like 2 ½ inch Tennessee fill stone. 

This is another one of these houses in Anderson Creek Retreat. On the floor over here I did Tennessee fill stone, and I did it in granite dust without a slab underneath, and I did gator dust in the joints so it expands. It’s like a silicone mortar – it won’t crack and leave ugly joints. It’s just a new way of laying it flat on the ground.

I did a walkway over here where I just put the rock in the dirt.  But this is another awesome place out here, and they really love this. Actually, three or four of the neighbors want one built like this in their back yard.